Publication & Resources Disclaimer

Every effort is made to avoid mistakes in the English and language versions of all our publications. However mistakes can happen, and we need to know! If you have comments or corrections please send an email to with details of the language, title and publication number. Names, logos, locations, telephone numbers, email and website addresses were correct at the time of publication.

One of the key objectives of MHCS is to reduce duplication and encourage sharing and collaboration in the production of multilingual resources. Not all resources on this website are produced by MHCS.

As such, MHCS recommends that organisations who produce multilingual resources to allow MHCS to place their resources on its website or have a link to their website. MHCS identifies the owner of the publications and the date of publication.

All organisations who want to place their resources on this website are asked to nominate a person/ position who will be contacted by MHCS every three years to check if the content is still current. At the same time, MHCS asks for a commitment of resources from the owners of the organisations to allocate resources to update content, and when necessary update the language versions.

Resources that are not updated by the organisations are taken off the MHCS website.

For this reason, all resources found on this website, while having dates of publications that are older than 5 years, are still up-to-date based on the MHCS review process.

For any comments/ queries please email: (