Multilingual Health Information Awards Application Form

Applications must reach the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service by Friday 28th June 2019.  All applications must be submitted using the application forms provided. If services or departments are submitting for more than one award, each application must be submitted on a separate application form.

To be eligible for Multilingual Health Information Awards your application MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by the relevant health information resource/s - in English as a MS Word document and the translated resources as a PDF document.

Part 1. Applicant Information
Part 2. Multilingual Health Information (Resource) Description
Date of production/completion (DD/MM/YYYY):
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What is the format of the resource (select all relevant choices):
Part 3. Other Information
In which formats is the resource available? (select all relevant choices):
Please consider: Please upload all resources in a zipped folder. If the file is larger than 20Mb; please post your files via USB.

If  you  have  any  questions  during  the  application  process,  please  contact  the  Awards  team via or 02 8753 5010.