Families NSW together with the NSW Multicultural Communication Health Service (MHCS) developed a communication strategy in 2008 targeting parents and carers of the Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese Communities for the Love Talk Sing Read Play Campaign in the Northern Sydney, South East Sydney and South West Sydney areas. This was followed by a communication strategy targeting the Korean community in 2010.

The campaign’s aim was to raise awareness of how children can best grow and develop, to increase parents' confidence in their parenting skills and to resource services to provide consistent and up to date information about parenting.
The Families NSW Love Talk Sing Read Play kit contains evidence-based research that provides parents and carers information on early social, emotional and educational/intellectual development of children, focusing primarily on children aged 0 - 5 years.

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  • To increase awareness about how children best learn, grow and develop is increased within Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese parents and carers
  • To increase Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese parents’ confidence in parenting
  • To increase local community awareness in relation to key messages
  • To engage local services as follow-up contact points for Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese families
  • To positively raise the profile of parenting
  • To provide consistent information to caregivers about the key messages


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Target Audience

Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese parents and carers of children aged 0-5 years

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The communication strategy consisted of the following major media and marketing components:

  • The adaptation of the Families NSW development chart/flipchart produced by in the services campaign into Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese
  • Distribution of the flipchart and other resources to relevant ethno-specific organisations
  • Partnerships with key Arabic (Arab Council Australia), Chinese (Chinese Australian Services Society), Korean (Korean Society of Sydney) and Vietnamese (Vietnamese Women’s Association) organisations to handle enquiries and orders for the multilingual flipcharts during the campaign period.
  • Multimedia advertisements (print, radio and television) in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese press
  • A Public Relations campaign using editorials and bilingual spokespersons to provide interviews in ethnic media based on the key messages of the campaign
  • An information session on the messages of the resources kit held at the premises of SBS radio station for SBS radio language broadcasters (up to 65 languages)
  • Community Media Launches that inform Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese community leaders and relevant ethnic media on the availability of the language-specific resources and key messages of the campaign.
  • A Train The Trainer learning program for early childhood workers dealing with Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese parents and carers of 0-5 year old children for them to pass of the key messages to their colleagues and clients for future sustainability of the strategy.

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Media Release


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Promotional Material


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For more information please contact MHCS on T. 02 9816 0347

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