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The 10,000 Italian Roses Project is led by the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS), in partnership with CoAsIt the peak Italian non-government /community organisation in NSW and BreastScreen NSW The initiative is also supported by an interdisciplinary academic team from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

The project is funded by the Cancer Institute NSW Evidence to Practice Grants.

Why target Italian Women aged 50 - 74?

The majority of breast cancers occur in women aged over 50 years.

According the Cancer Institute NSW, from a total population (aged 50-74) of 14, 762, their participation rate is 32% with an under screen[1] population of 10,006. (Evidence to Practice Grant information 2017). In the coming years, there will be a substantial increase in women aged 50 to 74 years who can benefit from appropriate interventions and subsequent early detection.

Research suggests that a number of factors could contribute to Italian women having low screening rates, including a lack of awareness about breast cancer and breast screening services, cultural beliefs surrounding cancer (e.g. ‘gods will’), modesty considerations and lack of support (e.g. not being encouraged to talk about it), not knowing where to go for services, and language barriers.

There may also be other enablers and barriers to screening for women from the Italian community. As such, this project will conduct additional research with the communities and stakeholders throughout the year.

The Project

The 10,000 Italian Roses Project is a means of bringing everyone together to support a common cause – increasing breast screening (and thus breast cancer survival) in Italian women. As such, instead of delivering a “ready made campaign”, we are inviting members of the Italian community to be involved in thinking of ways to reach women from Italian backgrounds about breast screening; we welcome suggestions and volunteers to help with the campaign.

The communities play a major part in the implementation of all the strategic approaches and ensuring members benefit.

The project will run for two years. However, the goal is to establish community structures and resources that enable the messages from the project to continue to reach Italian women after the project has finished. This may be achieved by establishing ongoing support groups and social media forums.

Help us improve screening rates for women from the Italian community in NSW by promoting BreastScreen NSW services and the effectiveness of screening mammograms. Help promote the 10,000 Italian Roses Project.

If you are a woman aged 50-74 and have never had a mammogram, find out the facts and book a FREE screen at BreastScreen NSW by calling 13 20 50.

For the assistance of an interpreter, ring 13 14 50. You can also speak with a Co.As.It staff in Italian about the campaign 02 9564 0744 or visit their website.

More Information

10,000 Italian Roses Project webpage



Phone: 02 9564 0744 (CoAsIt) or

NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) - Nicole Stevens or Michael Camit, Phone 02 8753 5047