Brief for production of multilingual translations by NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS)

Owner of Resource to be translated
Type of resource to be produced
How will the resource be used or distributed to the target audience?
Has the material to be translated been written at an age-appropriate standard of health literacy for clinicians or community members?
Is it in plain language?

Is it brief and clear?

Does it avoid long sentences and long words?

Does it avoid jokes and puns that may not translate?
Does it avoid jargon?

Is medical terminology explained in simple terms?

Does it avoid potentially confusing figures of speech and metaphors?

Does it use the active voice (for example “Our staff can help” rather than the passive voice “Help can be obtained from our staff”)?

Does it avoid acronyms (for example, LOTE or DNR) that may not work in other languages?

Research suggests that for all community members it is safest in terms of health literacy to calibrate a resource’s reading age to that of an educated 11-year old. A free readability tool can be found at: It’s not the final word on the subject but can provide a rough guide to your resource’s literacy level. The ideal approach is community testing for comprehension among your intended audience.
Has the document undergone community testing?

Is the information up-to-date and accurate?
Is it the latest version of the resource?

Has provision been made for future updating and/or properly maintaining the resource online?

Do you own all the included material?

If phone numbers are included, is there a link to the Telephone Interpreting Service (TIS)? This is a free interpreting service that aims to provide equitable access to key health services for people with limited or no English language proficiency.
Is the TIS phone service (or equivalent) explained and the national phone number 131 450 included?

Time-frame: Task deadline (please advise if urgent)
What timeframe does the client require for final sign off (e.g. how many individuals/committees will need to look at the resource)? One content review is included in the original quote. Please be aware any design changes may incur an additional charge.)