The NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service and Pink Sari Inc. are pleased to inform you that the ‘Pink Sari Project National Songwriting Competition’ has won the Arts and Culture Category at this year’s Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards. The award ceremony was held on Tuesday evening, 28th November at the Sydney Opera House.

 MHCS and Pink Sari Inc. would like to share this award with all our key partners for this campaign for all their valuable support and contribution in spreading the messages about the importance of breastscreening within Indian and Sri Lankan communities.


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The Pink Sari National Songwriting Competition aimed to create awareness about the importance of breast screening amongst Indian and Sri Lankan communities. The competition was open to aspiring and professional songwriters and musicians from all communities and provided a means to showcase music as well as spread inspiring messages to encourage women to take charge of their health and book their regular mammograms. The efforts of this campaign have reached thousands of people, resulting in an increase of up to 51% of 50-69 year old women in NSW, who are now getting breast screens across these communities.

QUOTES FROM NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service AND PINK SARI INC.


MICHAEL CAMIT, Acting Director, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service:
"The project is a great example of how health organisations and community groups can work together to achieve a positive outcome for the community. We, at MHCS, have been enriched by the commitment and passion of individuals and community groups who we consider the co-creators of this campaign. We are particularly humbled to see, what started as a two-year campaign has become the long-term movement of Pink Sari Incorporated. Pink Sari Inc., as an organisation, invites community members to get on board the initiative and play a role in changing attitudes and behaviours to increase mammogram rates. For those who are interested, do email the committee on their Facebook page or email

KEVIN BATHMAN, Creative Consultant, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service:
"For this project, it was a huge undertaking to 'trial' a new approach to arts and health using music and songwriting. Hopefully, with the win, we will be able to advocate for health campaigns to realise the power of the arts in conveying complex issues surrounding health and well-being in multicultural communities.

However, even with supportive clients, it would not have gotten off the ground without the support of the community, the talented songwriters and musicians who participated, the generosity of I&G (and their producer) for their studio and lastly, the passionate women driving Pink Sari Inc. Thankfully, this project had all the right ingredients for its success!

In saying that, the list of thank you's include the songwriters, Anu Sitaram, Daniel Vijayakumar, Deepa Srinivasan, Gary Luck, Priyanka Pinto, Rekha Shashikanth, Russell Vincent, Sheyana Wijesingha and Sumathi Krishnan. The musicians and vocalists who supported the songwriters: Devaki Parthasarthy, Aditi Sreyashi, Abhijit Dan, Pushpa Jagadish and Marshall David. The past and present committee members from Pink Sari Inc; Shantha Viswanathan, Rajalakshmi Bhatia, Priya Viswanathan, Anu Kumar, Viji Dhayanathan and Aparna Tijoriwala, Rugmini Venkatraman, Meenakshi Chopra and Anoop Johar who have brought together their excellent skills and dedication for this cause. Special thanks to Executive Producer, Christopher Soulos, Lee Hubber and Phil Muscatello from I & G Media for the usage of their recording studio, expertise and support."

SHANTHA VISWANATHAN, Vice President, Pink Sari Inc.:
"Pink Sari Inc. was delighted to receive the award in partnership with the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service. Community engagement and an excellent partnership between Pink Sari Inc. and the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service has been instrumental in the success of the Pink Sari campaign. 

We would like to share this award with all the songwriters, music composers and singers, as without their lyrics, without their music and without their voices, there would have been no Pink Sari Melodies. This award is also one to be shared with everyone in our amazing community who were so willing and so giving of their time and their talents and to the excellent media coverage.

The national songwriting competition was the brainchild of the creative genius Kevin Bathman at the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service and the mentorship of Michael Camit. When the idea was initially presented to Pink Sari Inc. 'it hit the right note' especially given that our community has a wealth of hidden talents. The success of this campaign has proven that the arts is a powerful medium for communicating social messages and that music can have a very profound impact.

Our newly elected committee members are Shantha Viswanathan, Rugmini Venkatraman, Priya Burgess, Aparna Tijoriwala, Viji Dhayanathan and Anoop Johar. Going forward, the newly elected committee members is committed to sustain the momentum that has been created. Whilst we will continue to focus on early detection, to improve and increase mammogram rates we will also be looking at scaling up to address other issues relating to the health and wellbeing of South Asian women."

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