PeterMichael Camit

Peter Todaro

Peter has close to 30 years’ experience in working with multicultural communities in the areas of health management, service development, research, communication and consultancy. He has led the MHCS team in developing innovative and award-winning projects.

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Michael Camit
Marketing & Comms Manager

Michael has over 20 years of experience in developing, conceptualising and implementing multilingual health communication campaigns that have won national multicultural marketing awards and has published in the area of multicultural social marketing.

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Jesusa HelaratneRajan Manickarajah

Jesusa Helaratne
Media Manager

Jess has over 11 years experience runningmulticulturalhealth campaigns. As an award-winning broadcast journalist for 13 years, Jess brings expert knowledge to her role having worked with news organisations such as CNN, SBS and ARD German TV.

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Rajan Manickarajah
Systems Manager

Rajan has been working close to 20 years at NSW Health and has expert knowledge of information technology within the health system and 10 years’ experience in photography and videography also been managing the MHCS translating service for 7 years.

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Sam ShenCaroline Chen

Sam Shen
Senior Project Officer

Sam has over 6 years extensive experience in running health campaigns bringing her valuable knowledge on commercial marketing having worked with companies such as Coca Cola and Kimberley-Clark.   

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Caroline Chen
Translations / Project Officer

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Nicole StevensKevin Bathman

Nicole Stevens
Project Officer

Nicole has over 20 years experience working in areas of communication, community development and training at area health, local government and state-wide non-government organisation levels.

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Kevin Bathman
Senior Consultant

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Cecilia GeorgeAnna Manlulo

Cecilia George

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Anna Manlulo

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