The Pink Sari Project worked to increase the number of women in Indian and Sri Lankan communities in NSW being screened for breast cancer.

Through community events and social media campaigns, the project made a difference to women across NSW.

Since launching in September 2014, the grassroots movement has successfully improved the knowledge of breast cancer and breast screening for women in these communities.

It empowered them to take care of their health for themselves and their families.

Subsequent data highlighted changed attitudes. BreastScreen NSW recorded a 17 per cent increase in breast screening rates for Indian and Sri Lankan communities in NSW from 2015– to 2016.

The Cancer Institute NSW expressed pride in being a part of this innovative, community-driven and community-supported initiative.

The Pink Sari Project National Songwriting Competition by the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service and Pink Sari Inc. won the Arts and Culture Category at the 2017 Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards.


songwriting Songwriting Event


Community showcases project strength

On 26 October, 2016, a morning tea officially handed over the running of the Pink Sari Project to a team of dedicated volunteers.

The leaders, Meenakshi Chopra and Shantha Viswanathan, set up Pink Sari Incorporated to help sustain the project for the long term.

The change reflected the grassroots, community-centred approach of the initiative, and the passion with which people have taken to the project.

Pink Sari was previously managed by the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, consulting and partnering with key organisations and stakeholders.



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