Lisa Woodland, Director
  • Lisa Woodland

    Lisa has extensive experience in inclusive service development, research and management of multicultural and refugee health programs aimed at improving access to health services and health outcomes. She has been the recipient of a range of prestigious awards including NSW Health Innovations Awards for Building Partnerships and the Premier’s Public Sector Award for Delivering Quality Customer Services. Lisa was also a finalist for the 2013 Individual Excellence and Achievement Premier's Award.


Jesusa Helaratne, Deputy Director
  • Jesusa Helaratne

    Jess has over 14 years experience running major multicultural health media campaigns featuring stories of culturally diverse people with lived experiences combining innovative arts and health initiatives. As an award-winning broadcast journalist for 13 years, Jess brings expert knowledge to her role having worked with news organisations such as CNN, SBS, ARD German TV, ABS-CBN News Channel and other major TV and radio stations.


Rajan Manickarajah, Systems Manager
  • Rajan Manickarajah

    Rajan has been working for over 20 years at NSW Health and has expert knowledge of information technology and network administration within the health system and health care industry. He brings additional expertise in photography, web-design and videography to cover key multicultural campaigns and events. In addition, Rajan has been managing the MHCS translating service for 9 years.


Sam Shen, Media and Communications Manager
  • Sam Shen

    Sam has over 10 years experience in running and co-ordinating multilingual health campaigns around health promotion. She brings to the team her valuable knowledge and expertise in commercial marketing, event management, and social research having worked with companies such as Coca Cola and Kimberley-Clark.

John Alsop, Project Officer / Translations
  • John Alsop

    John has been co-ordinating MHCS translations for over a year. From a long career a writer for SBS-TV and ABC both TV and radio, he brings to the team his enthusiasm for plain English that communicates simply and directly. This serves as the bedrock for crisp, clear translations into the sixty-plus languages that MHCS can cover.

Cecilia George, Administration
  • Cecilia George

    Cecilia has been working in health for over 20 years and has been with MHCS since its inception in 1997. Cecilia has supported staff through all programs and campaigns developed by the Service, her calm jovial disposition it what has kept the Service on its feet.

Glaiza Perez, Social Media Officer
  • Glaiza Perez

    Glaiza has been working on MHCS social media for over a year. She brings to the team her extensive experience in social media and project support work with multicultural communities having worked with non-for-profit organisations such as Diversity Arts Australia.