Resource Maintenance

If you wish to include your resource on the MHCS website, you must budget for the cost of reviewing and updating the accuracy of the content, including re-translation, or translation into additional languages, if required.

MHCS reviews the accuracy of all publications hosted on its site on a regular basis. The purpose of the review is to determine if the resource remains accurate, and to confirm that the resource owner still wants to make it available via the MHCS website.

Review Process

When the resource is reviewed, the resource owner will be asked to confirm:

1.  accuracy

  • Is the resource still factually correct?
  • Have there been developments in the health topic area that need to be incorporated into the resource?
  • Have there been changes in information such as names, titles and contact information? It’s best to not to include this type of information wherever possible.

2.  relevance

  • Are the languages still relevant to the health topic? For example, maternal-health resources may not be relevant for an ageing population.
  • Is there a need to translate the resource into a new or emerging language due to changes in community demographics?

3.  currency

  • Is the language used in the resource suitable for the contemporary Australian community? For example, has terminology changed?

4.  accreditation

  • Were the original resources translated by a NAATI-accredited translator? Were they checked by a NAATI-accredited checker?

5.  reach

  • Has the resource reached its intended audience? Do you need to reconsider your distribution channels?

6.  budget

  • Do you have the budget for required changes? If not, can a budget allocation be made in the next financial year?