This year, MHCS is running the ‘Break the Habit’ Campaign targeting Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese smokers and encouraging them to call the Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese Quitlines to help them make a plan to quit smoking.

Over the last ten years, the dedicated language Quitlines have had great success in helping Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese smokers break their smoking habit. The service provides callers free and confidential professional help in their language during their quit smoking journey.

The ‘Break the Habit’ project, launched on World No Tobacco Day (31 May 2016), urges Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese smokers to make significant changes in their lives for their own health, and their families.

For more information about the campaign and to order resources for events/educational sessions, please contact MHCS Project Officer Nicole Stevens on 02 8753 5000 or Nicole.Stevens2@health.nsw.gov.au.