Feeling unwell?

If you develop a fever, a cough, sore throat or shortness of breath within 14 days of overseas travel, seek medical attention.


Visit the Emergency Department

Call Healthdirect 1800 022 222

COVID 19 - social-media Resources

COVID-19 and pregnancy: Keep in contact with your doctor - Professor Michael Nicholl

COVID-19 and pregnancy: Not separating babies - Professor Michael Nicholl

COVID-19 and pregnancy: International experience - Professor Michael Nicholl

COVID-19 targeted messages

Translated coronavirus (COVID-19) resources from NSW Health

Translated coronavirus (COVID-19) resources from Australian Department of Health

Translated coronavirus (COVID-19) resources from Queensland Health

Translated coronavirus (COVID-19) resources from Victorian Health

Coronavirus explained in your language Video from SBS

Translated coronavirus (COVID-19) resources from other organisations

 Information on COVID-19 Pfizer (COMIRNATY™) vaccine in NSW
Information on the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca (ChAdOx1-S) in NSW
Frequently asked questions about NSW quarantine worker surveillance and testing program
Dr Kerry Chant, NSW Chief Health Officer - Thank you to the quarantine and border workers
COVID Testing Video in languages
Why did you get tested
Get Tested Video Messages
Mandatory face mask
Steps for Contact Tracing - Factsheet
Steps for Contact Tracing
Mental Health and COVID-19 
Information about COVID-19 testing clinics
Do the right thing – always check in
 Multilingual I Got Tested Video
How to self isolate
COVID testing video
Covid Safe - ISLHD Video
How to wear a mask - Video
 Wearing a mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19
COVID testing within Multicultural community. - SBS World News coverage
Arthritis and COVID-19
Asthma and COVID-19
Cardiovascular disease and COVID‑19
COVID-19 testing
Diabetes and COVID-19
Home isolation guidelines for close contacts
How to make a mask
Information for family and friends of people returning to Australia 
 Frequently asked questions
Information for residential care facility staff
Information for families of residential care facility residents
Social distancing messages
Look after your mental health during COVID-19
Who to call -Poster
Who should get tested at COVID-19 testing clinics? - Poster
Cleaning surfaces at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19 - Poster
Hygiene etiquette – help us stop the spread (Poster)
COVID-19 targeted messages
COVID-19 Help us stop the spread - Multiple languages in single poster
Poster for Patient waiting room
COVID-19 Patient waiting room - Multiple languages in single poster
Symptoms - Poster
COVID-19 symptoms and Testing - Multiple languages in single poster
How to handrub - Poster
Home isolation guidance for confirmed cases
 Home isolation guidance for suspected cases
Home isolation guidance for travellers and contacts
Stroke and COVID-19
Seek medical advice - Dr Yeqin Zuo (Video)
Symptoms - Dr Yeqin Zuo (Video)
What should I do - Dr Yeqin Zuo (Video)
What the best way to avoid coronavirus (Video)
Using masks to protect against novel coronavirus (Video)
Important Message for Health workers, Residential Care workers and Staff  (Video)