Spanish – Antenatal

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) is recommended for screening for depression in the antenatal and postnatal periods. The following EDPS translations have been linguistically validated (forward and back translations by Western Sydney Local Health District Translation Services. Translations for either antenatal and postnatal use are printed on official NSW Health forms for accurate scanning into health medical records. Please be aware that scores used to identify possible depression in migrant and refugee women are generally lower than those used in the general Australian population. Use the following guide for screening: The EPDS is a screening tool not a diagnostic one and designed to identify those who require a more comprehensive mental health assessment. Complete the first antenatal screening as early as practical in pregnancy and repeat screening at least once later in pregnancy. Complete the first postnatal screening 6-12 weeks after birth and repeat screening at least once in the first postnatal year. For a woman with an EPDS score between 10 and 12, monitor and repeat in 2-4 weeks as the score may change subsequently. Arrange further assessment of perinatal women with an EPDS score of 13 or more. For a woman with a positive score on Question 10, undertake or arrange immediate further mental health assessment and if there is any disclosure of suicidal ideation, rake urgent action in accordance with local protocol. Use appropriate antenatal or postnatal NSW Health forms below:

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