Talking Good Health

"Talking Good Health” is an English as a second language teaching resource which provides non English speakers with the language skills to communicate with doctors and health workers, knowledge of preventive health strategies and contact details for relevant health services.

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Unit Number Audio Topic Name
Unit 1 Cervical Cancer Prevention
Unit 2 Breast Cancer Prevention
Unit 3 Cancer Prevention in Men
Unit 4 HIV & AIDS
Unit 5 Hepatitis B
Unit 6 Type 2 Diabetes
Unit 7 Drug Education for Parents
Unit 8 Safe Use of Medicines

 Another health literacy teaching resource (Understanding Good Health) which is available on the NSWAMES website.


Good Old Health

A teaching resource to help non-English-speaking cares and elderly residents understand age-related health issue


Unit Number Audio Topic Name
Unit 1 Depression in Older People
Unit 2 Osteoporosis
Unit 3 Dementia
Unit 4 Urinary Tract Infections
Unit 5 Incontinence
Unit 6 Blood Pressure
Unit 7 Cholesterol
Unit 8 Arthritis
Unit 9 Reflux
Unit 10 Backpain
Unit 11 Healthy Eating
Unit 12 foot Care