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The NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service is pleased to be collaborating with the NSW Ministry of Health, Clinical Excellence Commission, Multicultural Networks and Directors, and SBS on this important initiative.
This year’s theme Healthy Kids reinforces the importance of a good start for children from multicultural backgrounds by:

  • Choosing more fruit and vegetables
  • Choosing water to drink
  • Being active
  • Washing your hands

It also acknowledges that the factors that influence the health of culturally, religiously and linguistically diverse background people may have a greater impact on children, who are more vulnerable because of their age and dependence on adults.

Recently arrived migrant children face a range of barriers to accessing health services, including: their parents/carers limited understanding and knowledge of the NSW health care system, and potentially hidden health vulnerabilities resulting from the lack of health screening and immunisation provided in their originating countries.

Families, children and young people are identified as a priority population inthe NSW Health Policy and Implementation Plan for Healthy Culturally Diverse Communities 2012-2016.

Multicultural Health Week is a week that reminds NSW health services and culturally and linguistically diverse communities of the importance of providing equitable access to information and resources to Australians whose first language may not be English.

Promotional Materials

  • NSW Multicultural Health Service Directory
  • Languages of the World and Multicultural Communities
  • Free downloadable Multilingual health resources
  • Flyer for list of Multilingual health Resources Web links for Hunter and Northern NSW areas
  • Flyer for list of Multilingual health Resources Web links for all other LHDs
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