In 1997, the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service was established as a result of NSW Health's plan, Health Services for a Culturally Diverse Society (1995). The plan identified the need for the development of a co-ordinated statewide approach to provide information about health issues and health services to people who speak languages other than English.

Our Role

  • Design, implement and evaluate communication and social marketing campaigns.
  • Provide strategic advice to NSW Health, and handle enquiries from health staff about all aspects of multicultural communication.
  • Manage a multilingual website with more than 450 publications on health in a wide range of languages.
  • Manage quality translations for the health sector wishing to produce multilingual information.
  • Work with an extensive network of ethnic media, community and professional bodies, such as ethnic medical associations to extend the reach of interventions.
  • Provide advice to organizations undertaking research with CALD communities, including facilitating in language focus groups.

The work of the Service is guided by a high level Advisory Committee, and a Multilingual Information Committee.


MHCS Strategic Plans

Strategic Directions Strategic Directions MHCS MHCS Promo


Translation Service

MHCS provides and manages quality translations to the health sector, as well as any other departments or services wishing to provide multilingual information to CALD communities.

Information and advice

MHCS can advise on:

  • appropriate ways to communicate with CALD communities taking into account cultural issues
  • where to obtain existing materials
  • production of multilingual health resources, including translated materials and use of accredited translators

Please note: MHCS cannot advise on personal health problems. If you require personal advice, you will need to consult your doctor, hospital or community health centre.

Research services

MHCS is available to undertake research projects with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in NSW. We have experience in managing major projects, such as community surveys, consultations with groups from CALD communities, and qualitative research.

Campaign and Events

MHCS has expertise in developing communication strategies, campaigns, resources and products specifically targeted to CALD communities in NSW. We are able to organise health promotion, education and information services, audio and video production, the development of print resources, and distribution networks.

Audiovisual resources

MHCS has extensive experience in the planning and development of a range of multilingual audiovisual resources whether it is for a specific event or as part of a broader communication plan. With extensive CALD community and media networks, MHCS can also work to develop a marketing and distribution plan for your audiovisual resource.

Audiovisual resources in your language are available on this site.

Contact us

phone: +61 (0)2 87535047
fax: +61 (0)2 87535002