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Video Testimonials
  • Video Testimonials

    Content Manager, SBS Radio

    Associate Professor in Ageing and Health
    Head of Discipline, Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health
    University of Sydney

    Program Manager, Muslim Community Radio
    President, Muslim Women Welfare Australia (MWAA)

    Principal, I & G Media
    Studio Producer, I & G Media

    Executive Producer, Centre for Asian Australian Performance

    President, World Federation of the Deaf
    Chair, International Disability Alliance
Written Testimonials
  • Written Testimonials

    On behalf of the NSW Waste Educators Working Group, I’d like to sincerely thank you for your insightful and dynamic presentation on working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Your session provided a great balance of both the theory and practice of working to effect behaviour change in communities of all types. It was terrific to hear about real life successes and failures, and the key things to keep in mind when working with any group. In particular, the Q&A segment was extremely valuable for seasoned and novice practitioners alike. Thank you so much for your time.


    Janet Sparrow

    Chair, Waste Management Association of Australia’s NSW Waste Educators Working Group

    “Sydney Water worked with NSW Multicultural Health Communications Services (MHCS) to develop a plan to better engage with our culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) customers. MHCS compiled an extensive literature review and offered their expert knowledge to enable us to better understand the needs and preferences of our CALD customers, which helped us develop a communications plan. MHCS is always a pleasure to work with and have a professional and experienced approach to communications with CALD communities.” ~ Sydney Water

    'The NSW Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service would like to thank the team at NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service for successfully managing and delivering a range of promotional workshops to health professionals and general practitioners. The team was proactive and displayed the enthusiasm we needed to ensure the Get Healthy Service was well promoted and that all campaign requirements were met successfully. The team members' understanding and commitment to the Get Healthy Service is commendable and this was reflected in all aspects of the project. We look forward to working together with the MCHS in the future to promote the Service to many more multicultural communities. Thank you'

    NSW Get Healthy Team

    “The responsible gambling fund which is a part of the office of Liquor Gaming and Racing have been in partnership with the Multicultural Health Communication Service working in delivering multi-platform marketing strategies for problem gamblers in CALD communities. They have done an excellent job of getting the key messages, content and materials out to communities across NSW and I would most certainly work together with them in the future due to their outstanding results and work ethic”.

    Lee Holmes,
    Community and Online Manager
    Responsible Gambling Fund
    Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing
    NSW Trade and Investment

    "The Dementia Collaborative Research Centre worked with MHCS on developing and implementing a national telephone survey of first and second generation Chinese, Greek and Italian Australians to explore awareness and recognition of symptoms of dementia. MHCS were invaluable partners because of their expertise and experience in translation, cultural knowledge and community contacts."

    Dr Lee Fay Low, University of New South Wales

    “The advantage of MHCS as a government service is that they always think of sustainable and practical insights that come out of the research; this research project enabled the NSW Centre for Volunteering to now have a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Australian Services Society that will ensure continued recruitment, training and management of Chinese Australians”

    Tony Frew, The Centre for Volunteering, NSW


Website Resource Testimonials
  • Website Resource Testimonials


    "The site is fairly well known and promoted amongst health staff and the
    community on a regular basis. Relevant material is developed, site is
    updated regularly and the information is easy to find and navigate within the site"

    MHCS Website user

    "I am using the translated material all the time as I am conducting a project to
    provide health information to the ethnic communities."

    MHCS Website user

    "I generally am looking for publications and resources and they are clearly
    marked and easy to access"

    MHCS Website user

    "I would still like your service to develop a directory of projects /initiatives
    around each of the priority health issues/ target groups as outlined in the
    NSW State Plan to assist better communication and sharing across LHDs
    and beyond.."

    MHCS Website user

    "I think that the multilingual resources are fantastic. To search both via
    language and topic is excellent. I often link to your site when I am presenting
    to/training allied health professionals/students/GPs and show them how to
    search on your site. It is not very colourful or pretty but it is the content and
    ease of use that is important."

    MHCS Website user