Health-related resources can be added to the MHCS Multilingual Health Resources if they:

  • are in written or audio-visual formats
  • have an English language version available
  • have been translated into languages other than English by a NAATI accredited translator and/or have been focus tested with consumers
  • have been published or reviewed within the last 3 years
  • are available on your website (with an available URL we can link to or uploadable in PDF format)                                                                     

Link your Multilingual Health Resources to the MHCS multilingual database 

Upload your Multilingual Health Resources to the MHCS multilingual database

If you would like to receive additional advice and support in developing resources for culturally diverse communities, or are aware of useful multicultural health resources produced by other organizations and they are not currently included on our website we would like to hear from you.

Note: All content to be published on the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service website needs to be approved by the Director of MHCS.

Each resource is reviewed every 3 years to ensure it is still relevant and appropriate for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Detailed contact information is essential for this review.