Multicultural Health Communications Awards 2022

MHC Award


The Multicultural Health Communications (MHC) Awards were established in 2003 by NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) and are conducted biennially. The 2021 MHC Awards continue recognising the excellence in multilingual health communication across NSW Health. The winners of 2022 MHC Awards will be announced in November 2022.


  • To recognise excellence in multicultural health communication across NSW Health.

Award Category : Category Description_MHC Awards 2022

1.1. Multilingual Health Information Awards

  •  Keeping People Healthy
  • Patient Safety First
  • Transforming Patient Experience
  • Pandemic Response – COVID-19 (Category introduced in 2021)

1.2. Individual Awards

  • Staff Member of the Year
  • Consumer/Community Representative of the Year

Award Criteria


1. Evidence based: (100 words)

How was the available evidence/literature used to develop the content of the resources? 

2. Language selection: (50 words)

How was/were the language/s being selected? How was the cultural relevance of the information ensured? 

3. Quality of translation: (50 words)

What steps were taken to ensure the quality of the translation? What process was used in translating/checking the resource? 

4. State-wide applicability: (50 words)

How was the information/resource distributed to the target population? How can the resource be utilised/accessed across the state?

5. Health literacy: (100 words)

How will the information/resource enhance access to health services and/or programs? How does the information/resource reflect health literacy principles? How was the readability/reading age checked?  

6. Co-design/collaboration: (100 words)

What co-design and/or collaboration was undertaken in developing the information/resource? What was the involvement of the target population? What is the process and extend of the co-design/collaboration? 

7. Evaluation: (50 words)

What is the outcome of the project and how it was evaluated? 


  • Achievement – the individual’s contribution, accomplishments, and commitment to the development of multilingual health information (100 words)
  • Innovation and best practice – example/s that the individual has demonstrated innovation and/or best practice in the development of multilingual health information. (100 words)
  • Relationship to CORE Values – how the individual demonstrates the NSW Health CORE values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment? (100 words)


Multilingual health information/resources submitted should: 

  • be produced between 1 January 2021 and 31 March 2022
  • have statewide relevance
  • be available in English and at least one language other than English
  • be able to be added to the MHCS website (NATTI accredited)
  • social media platforms

Nominee for Individual Awards should be:

  • NSW Health (including NSW Ministry of Health, Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks) staff and consumer/community representative working with these services/programs.


Please contact MHCS on .

Applications must be submitted online by COB Friday 10 June 2022 – Applications closed