MHCS welcomes Angela Grabski, Graphic Designer, the newest member of the team.

 Angela writes her impression of the stage production ‘Life Changes’, presented by the NSW Indian Welfare Association, her first multicultural health communication event:

 “I was totally unaware of what to expect as I attended my first official work event ‘Life Changes’.  As MHCS graphic designer, I worked with our team and with the organisers, NSW Indian Welfare Association for several weeks to develop the poster and program for the stage play. When the event finally came, I was very excited see the production.  

 I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted so warmly by the event organisers and volunteers. They were so thankful for the MHCS team’s support which was heart-warming. The overall “sense of community” feeling was undeniable with over 400 people attending on the night.

The event showcased insightful presentations, touching personal insights, lively cultural dancing and the colourful ‘Life Changes’ stage play. Personally, I found Rosemarie & Olly Zammit’s heartfelt speech describing their firsthand experience of donating their son’s organs incredibly moving.

It was a night of firsts for me. Aside from being my first work event, my first Indian community gathering, it was also my first time to eat Gulab Jamun - a popular Indian sweet dessert which I enjoyed with my sumptuous dinner.

The stage extravaganza written by Kalpana Kashyap was filled with colour, humor, dance and drama. The play left me laughing, smiling and humbled to have contributed in my own small way to this important project”.