Mok Ee Teng's Story

In 2014, I came to Australia as an international student and studied my Masters in Communication Management at University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

The voluntary placement in MHCS gave me a good experience in learning how to communicate to multicultural communities via health campaigns. Although I grew up in Malaysia and had the opportunities to live and work in a multicultural environment, I had very little knowledge on multicultural health communication.  

It gave me opportunities to learn from and work with a team of experienced communication practitioners and researchers. In my home country, most organisations practises a hierarchical culture.  It is rare to see top management staff having lunch (and fun!) with their student volunteers. However, in MHCS, all the staff treated me as part of their team and taught me a lot of knowledge that I would never learn from textbooks. I felt a strong teamwork spirit in MHCS, as staff are very dedicated and embrace the importance of teamwork.  


MHCS has a very unique work culture as they live and work like a big family.  Undoubtedly, my student volunteer placement in MHCS was an enjoyable period. I also enjoyed the beautiful of diversity of the community members, particularly those from the Pink Sari Project.  

The end of the voluntary placement in MHCS is not the end of my learning on multicultural health communication.  I will continue to explore these areas and hopefully get a chance to study Ph.D. in multicultural health communication. 

My sincerest thanks to all MHCS team for their support and their community members and partners for inspiring me with their life stories.