Keep families and communities COVID-safe (GIF)
Wishing you a safe and happy Ramadan
Wishing you a safe an peaceful Sinhala and Tamil New Year
Lunar New Year Community message
NSW Health team members share their Lunar New Year COVID-safe messages
Celebrate Lunar New Year safely - Video Message by Professor Danforn Lim  
Face mask
Video Message for Chanukah
Do the right thing – always check in
Diwali Message
Diwali Message from Pink Sari Inc By Shantha Viswanathan (English)
Video message about Keep 1.5 meter distance By Viji Dhayanathan, Pink Sari Inc (Tamil)
Video message about Wash your hands regularly By Anoop Johar, Pink Sari Inc (Hindi)
Message by Dr Palu - Physical distance, hygiene and testing (English)
Message by Dr Palu - Physical distance, hygiene and testing (Gujarati)
Dr Palu Support family and friends in quarantine and isolation (English)
Dr Palu Support family and friends in quarantine and isolation (Gujarati)
Get tested immediately
Celebrate Vijayadashami safely with family and friends – Video Message
If you feel unwell, get tested
Doctor Name Landscape Portrait
Dr Subbaram Sundar TamilEnglish TamilEnglish
Dr Sirjana Sharma NepaliEnglish NepaliEnglish
Dr Palu Malaowalla GujratiEnglish GujratiEnglish
Dr Kumari Obeyesekera SinhaleseEnglish SinhaleseEnglish
Dr Harry Doan VietnameseEnglish VietnameseEnglish
Dr Anil Gupta HindiPunjabiEnglish HindiPunjabiEnglish
Dr Emilija Sokolovska Macedonian, English Macedonian, English
Dr Angelica Logarta-Scott FilipinoEnglish FilipinoEnglish
Dr Olataga Alofivae-Doorbinnia Samoan, English Samoan, English
Keep yourself and loved ones safe
COVID-19: A message from our Community Leaders - Video
Arabic: Vimeo
Bangla: Vimeo
Chinese: Vimeo
Greek: Vimeo
Indonesian: Vimeo
Korean: Vimeo
Italian: Vimeo
Filipino: Vimeo
Spanish: Vimeo
Vietnamese: Vimeo
COVID 19 Community Videos by Bilingual Community Educators
Important message on COVID-19 from NSW

Cambodian Khmere

Fiji Hindi


What you need to know about COVID-19 Video


Feeling unwell? Avoid large family gatherings
Physical Distancing Video Message
Getting tested at a COVID-19 testing clinic is safe
We have procedures in place to keep
everyone who comes into the clinic safe
Testing is simple
Testing at public COVID-19 clinics is free
If your test is positive, a health worker will phone you
No payment is required for treatment
for COVID-19 in NSW Health services
Help protect your family and community against COVID -19 - Animation Video
COVID-19 targeted messages (Email signature)
Digital banner - Hygiene etiquette
English-Digital banner - Hygiene etiquette
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Digital banner - Testing process
English Digital banner - Testing process
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Digital banner - Medicines
English-Digital banner - Medicines
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Digital banner - Protect yourself from viruses