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Multicultural Health Week 27 July to 2 August 2009

Multicultural Health Week 27 July to 2 August 2009 raises the awareness of the various CALD communities across NSW and the state wide health services available to them.

Multicultural Health Week Objectives

The main objectives of Multicultural Health Week include:

  • To raise awareness of the health of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups
  • To raise the profile of Multicultural Health services and state-wide services amongst  NSW health services
  • To raise awareness of the need for health workers to work with all Australians regardless of language, culture and religion.
  • To set a health agenda among CALD media
  • To raise awareness of multicultural resources and services to relevant CALD communities (via CALD media)




The week begins with a launch at The Welcome Wall at the National Maritime Museum Monday July 27 for media, CALD group leaders and Area Health Coordinators/Directors.

Multicultural Health Communication Awards:

During Multicultural Health Week is the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Awards. The Awards recognise the production of multilingual health resources and specifically the effectiveness of the resource, the quality of the translations, the potential benefits for members of the CALD communities they have been produced for and with the judges also taking into account the effectiveness of their distribution.

The 2009 awards will be presented in the Jubilee Room of the NSW State Parliament House on Macquarie Street Sydney , on Wednesday the 29th July.

Resources & Events in your Area

For a range of resources to promote Multicultural Health Week in your area as well as references and free resources and guidelines on Multicultural Health Communication, please contact your local area health service:

Sydney South West

Area Co-Director, Multicultural Health Services (Eastern Zone)

02 95620500

02 9562 0501

Area Co-Director,

Multicultural Health Services (Western Zone)

02 87174037

02 87174030

South Eastern Sydney Illawarra


Multicultural Health

02 9382 3309

02 9382 3353

Sydney West

Network Director Multicultural Health & DHI

02 9840 3756

02 98404100

Northern SydneyCentralCoastHealth

Area Manager Multicultural Health Service

02 8877 5312

02 8877 5320

Hunter New England


Multicultural Health Unit

02 4924 6286

02 4924 6287

Greater Western

Area Manager of Primary & Community Health

02 6363 8016 02 6363 8006
Greater Southern

Early Intervention Coordinator

02 6124 9903 02 6299 6363

Or please visit

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